The Royal Academy of Art: Artist in Conversation with Ryan Gander RA

On the 30th of June 2022 Ryan Gander RA joined art critic, Dr Gilda Williams, to discuss the ideas behind his work and practice.

Ryan Gander RA is recognised internationally for his works of art, which take many dierent forms including sculpture, film, writing, graphic design, installation, and performance. Gander seeks to make visible the things that are usually invisible to us in everyday life, and invites and encourages us to question and interpret his artworks in their own way.

Accompanied by contemporary art critic Dr Gilda Williams, Gander explored the importance of variety in his work and the need for artists to continue to explore, change and learn. In addition, Gander discussed the diverse value in the different ways of making, and interpreting art, and how creativity is inherent in everyone.

Ryan Gander
Courtesy Ryan Gander Studio. Photograph by Philip Sinden