About the Natalia Cola Foundation

Our Mission

Our dedication to improving access to the arts derives from a hope to unite people through culture and conversation. We firmly believe in the emotional, developmental, and academic advantages of a cultural education, and everyone’s right to access those experiences.

By supporting accessibility and opportunity initiatives, educational and community programmes, young artists and observers alike, the Natalia Cola Foundation works to share all that art and culture has to offer, and champion its enrichment of life and the empowering freedom it nurtures.

“Art is an effort to create, beside the real world, a more humane world.” – Andre Maurois


Our Founder

Meet Natalia Cola.

Born and raised in Kyiv, Natalia developed her appreciation for art while studying History of Art at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture. After graduating she worked alongside some of Ukraine’s most well-known artists before moving to London in 2016.

The impetus for starting her eponymous foundation came during the COVID-19 crisis that put untold strain on so many of London’s cultural centres. While their doors remained shut, Natalia wanted to find a way to support them and enable their discourse to continue. Through her foundation she wanted to ensure that the city’s great cultural centres, such as the Royal Academy of Arts, which kept its doors open throughout both World Wars, could continue to inspire and educate.

Before starting her foundation in 2019, she partnered with Romero Britto and Christian Haas to showcase their art in London. A mother to three children, Natalia now splits her time between London and Monaco and is a strong advocate for the arts, and its power to break down barriers, bringing people and communities together.