28th January, 2023

Art Without Borders: A Charity Auction at the Royal Academy of Arts, in aid of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine

Over £230,000 was raised for the NAAU. The funds will be distributed according to the memorandum signed between the Natalia Cola Foundation and the National Academy of Arts.

  • A grant program for Ukrainian artists
  • Financial aid for Ukrainian Academicians in need
  • Urgent structural repair to National Academy of Arts of Ukraine buildings
    Continuation of research, publishing, and exhibition activities
  • Digitisation of archives and translation of website

On the 28th January, 2023, The Natalia Cola Foundation organised a live auction and dinner to benefit the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine NAAU in Kyiv at the Royal Academy of Arts RA.

The Royal Academy of Arts in London generously supported and hosted this initiative.

We asked artists, from across the world, Royal Academicians and Ukrainian Academicians, and their responses were remarkable. We’d like to thank the artists:

Boris Mikhailov NAAU; Pavlo Makov NAAU; Vira Barynova-Kuleba NAAU; Anatoliy Kryvolap NAAU; Tiberiy Silvashi NAAU; Lubomir Medvid NAAU; Victor Sydorenko NAAU; Tracy Emin RA; Antony Gormley RA; Clare Woods RA; Sir Christopher Le Brun PPRA; Allen Jones RA; Ryan Gander RA; Conrad Shawcross RA; Stephen Shore; Juergen Teller; Giorgio Armani; Oli Epp; Volodymyr Manzhos (“WaOne”); Oleg Tistol; Kiy Rice; Sergiy Svyatchenko; Ruslan Tremba; Olesia Trofimenko; Harry Rudham; David Aiu Servan Schreiber; Siggi Sekira; Lisa Sharpe; Gamlet Zinkivskyi